Monday, November 11, 2019

Weekly Letter #7: November 11, 2019

Hello everyone!

It has recently come to my attention that people love my letters so much, they send their favourite parts to my dad to tell them their thoughts. I am honoured. “Welcome to St.Helens, honey!”

Also another random thought I had was that if 2 missionaries ever just show up on your front porch, then you should probably be nice to them, and maybe feed them and invite them into your home. Maybe even listen to them as they teach you about the Book of Mormon. Who knows?  It could probably change your life since it's changed mine. 
#Lee pt. 2

Everyone, this week was really great but really hard!  Sometimes I forget life isn't just amazing all the time so that sucks. But honestly, life is great here and I'm loving it and learning lots. Also sorry I have absolutely zero time to write anyone else as this email literally just deleted itself 20 minutes before P-day ends. Hahahaha. 

Also please forgive how terrible I look in most photos as it is typically pouring and crazy windy here so yikes. Honestly I don't care, but some of you might be terrified, so sorry! I promise I shower and stuff!

Guy Fawkes Day! A long time ago in a land far away, a man named Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the English Parliament. Unfortunately, he failed. Haha. But for some reason, they created a holiday to celebrate the fact he failed. So fun! Pretty much it's a lot of fireworks, bonfires, and burning scarecrows and just having a dandy time. For some reason, missionaries had to go in early to stay safe, so we decided to put up Christmas decorations and sing Christmas carols. We love that for us. Also, I realize that quite a few missionaries don't have housing that's quite as nice as mine, so I'm sorry. If it makes you feel better, we didn't have hot water in our kitchen tap this week. It was a trial.

Zone Conference was on Wednesday (woot woot)! Another great thing that made it awesome was the fact that it was in Chorley, literally on the MTC grounds right next to the temple. Not gonna lie, these last few weeks have been a little emotionally crazy so I prayed for the entire week that I would be able to talk to either one of my MTC teachers, or someone I knew from the MTC, just so I could talk to someone from my "normal" life (does that make any sense?). 

All day long I kept praying and had my eyes peeled but there was nobody. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. It finally reached the end of zone conference and it was time for us to head home. To say that I was disappointed was a major understatement. We started leaving and right as we were about to turn to leave the MTC grounds, lo and behold, who turned around the other corner? Brother Casadibari, one of my MTC teachers who changed my life. It literally was the dumbest and shortest conversation ever, but it truly was such a tender mercy, and just a little confirmation that Heavenly Father is looking out for me. Made me so happy and I was so grateful. Heavenly Father loves us folks. He really does.

On Thursday, we had a tea appointment where they gave me 4 high quality slices of blood sausage at the end. Did I definitely go home and fry it up and eat it? Yup! I love it. So delicious. Reconstituted pig's blood? Who cares? Not me!

Saturday we were able to teach one of my favorite families in the world about how families can be together forever, not just until we die, and it really struck me at how blessed I am to know that. I can be with Heavenly Father and my family forever. How amazing is that? They also fed us this bread pudding thing with toffee sauce and whipped cream and it was so delicious. I promise I love them because they're amazing, not just because they feed us. I swear.

Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday, which is when everyone gathers together to remember all the troops that have fought and died in any war. We got to go down to the town square with everyone else and listen to the ceremony and it was quite touching. Thank you to the people who fight for our freedoms and liberties, who literally put their lives on the line for us. 

Sorry this is super short, but read the Book of Mormon! Pray about it! Get your own testimony! Then write me because it makes my week (even if I can't respond I am so sorry it is so crazy here)!

love you all!
Sister Pursglove

Fave food: bloodsausage. don't look up what it is. just trust me when I say it's yummy.
Fave expression: chavs. literally means stupid kids or teenagers who do really dumb or stupid things. classic.

Photographs below :)

Weekly Letter #7: November 11, 2019
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