Monday, November 4, 2019

Weekly Letter #6: November 4, 2019

Hello y’all!

I promised that this week would be a longer email so please forgive me for last week's email. I was a wimp and wouldn't just type out an email. Oh well. If a mission has taught me anything it's that you learn from your mistakes or weaknesses and you just keep swimming. C'est la vie as my French friends would say!

This week has been crazy. This week has been the first week honestly where I was like hahaha, this sucks. I'm not going to lie, the end of the week got a little rough but it's helping me to learn more about myself and how I can improve even if I maybe don't want to, or don't think I can.

This week has also been crazy good! We had exchanges this week so Sister Clark and I got to go up to Manchester to swap out for our STL's. Sister Ward was my companion for the night and, geez louise, I love her. She is so chill and nice and funny and we clicked immediately.  We got to teach 1 lesson in Chinese (Sister Ward is a Mandarin Chinese speaker in the mission) and teach 2 lessons in English. One of the lessons, we taught this guy named Jake, and he is an absolute legend. Loved him. So sad I can't stay in Manchester to teach him. Taught him about walking in faith and trusting that God will help everything to work out and we just had a really spiritual lesson that was great. 10/10 baby!

We also had Halloween!! Just to be safe, missionaries were required to be in early so we deep cleaned our flat and then had a Halloween feast which consisted of mummy hot dogs, butterbeer, pumpkin cookies, and caramel apples. We then treated ourselves and watched the scariest Church Video we could find which are the 12-step videos on addiction recovery. They're so good but also so scary. Would highly recommend them. 

As I write this email, I'm currently sitting on a double-decker bus watching two hooligans fist fighting and karate chopping each other in the aisle. Welcome to St. Helens, honey. Life is good and life is always amusing.

We have zone conference on Wednesday from 9-5 in Chorley! Very excited and fingers crossed that I get to see some of my favorite people. I am very excited to listen and learn and improve and just be better. My mission is great. Genuinely amazing.

One thing I know for sure is that God knows us and loves us. Of that I am definitely 100% confident. If you don't know that, get on your knees and ask.

Love you all! Keep writing!

xxx Sister Pursglove

Fave expression: outside ya gaff - I'm at your house

Fave food: vanilla slice - puff pastry layered with vanilla icing and custard

Photographs below :)
Weekly Letter #6: November 4, 2019
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