Monday, January 4, 2021

Weekly Letter #58: January 4th, 2021


This is going to be very brief. Our missionary email hasn’t been working so this is just a quick message I’m sending to my mom through google hangouts. I’ve tried, multiple times, to send an email I wrote last week to my parents to post on my blog and it won’t go through. 

If you have written to me and I haven't replied it’s because email from my end isn’t sending—I'm sorry and will try and get back to everyone. I’ll try responding next week if it’s working and if there’s time (we have transfers again next week which make p-days crazier than normal—it also means p-day will be on Tuesday next week).

Christmas was fun! We couldn’t get together with members this year due to the pandemic but we were allowed to gather in small groups with other missionaries. We spent the day with the other missionaries from the office and lots of good people provided dinner for us. It was so good. We also played games and had a white elephant gift exchange. All in all, a great day.

I was able to call home for a minute on Dad’s birthday to wish him a happy 50th. He’s aging well. If you missed his birthday, shoot him a message.

The work is going well! I’m in meetings all the time while we figure out the best ways to use our technology as missionaries. It’s fun and keeps us incredibly busy.

Finally, the worst news that actually makes me really depressed is that England is going on lockdown again. Pretty much like last March. So I’m guessing we might get out for exercise and for essential shopping and that’s about it. Not going to lie, the news is pretty depressing. Pray for England. Pray for us. Pray for me.

Have a great week, thanks for writing, and happy 2021!

Photographs Below :)

Weekly Letter #58: January 4th, 2021
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