Monday, November 2, 2020

Weekly Letter #54: November 2nd, 2020

Hello hello!!!!!

Wow another 2 weeks has flown by and so here we write a very hastily written email because we don't have time, because we now have to go get a ton of stuff done due to the fact that England is being put on lockdown again :)))))) Here are some bullet points:

Okay, so far over the last 2 weeks, some of the absolute craziest things have happened. To share a few:

- I was transferred to Stretford a day early due to the fact that the LOML (love of my life) Sister Walker was going to be training a new missionary, and she arrived on Tuesday and they then had to go into isolation immediately. So I had to go to Stretford a day early which was an eye-opening experience.

- The flat in Stretford was without a doubt the grossest flat I have ever seen (or heard of) on my entire mission. I don't know how many of you will remember this story, but imagine if the moldy pancake bowl from Oldham had been dumped all over this flat. It literally took us 12 solid hours of superficial cleaning, and 12 bin bags full of rubbish to have the flat kind of clean. It was absolutely disgusting. I will not go into detail about what we found in the flat, but we will have PTSD for a long time as a result. But no worries, it's been cleaned and we no longer have to escape to the mission office all day to avoid the flat. In the meantime, we don’t have blinds in our bedroom, our fridge died so we had to get that replaced, and our heating hasn’t been working but was just fixed. #livingthedream

- With this new assignment as part of the five-person online social media team/social media specialists, we do so much more than I ever imagined we would be doing. We do SO MUCH STUFF. When we first got put in, and heard about how much was happening in the ward and area, we both got slightly overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to balance the work in the area and the assignment as well. However, after a call with president telling us to focus 90% of our time on the assignment, and 10% on the area, we are slowly starting to get it balanced out.

Wowowowow … I am living the dream right now! This assignment is so much fun and so incredible and we have so many wonderful opportunities that have taught me, and are teaching me so much. Some highlights include:

- We have weekly meetings with President and Sister Johnson, the assistants to the president, the tech elders, and ourselves. It's been so amazing being able to counsel with this group every week to see how we can help the mission with social media and technology.

Hahaha yeah, so England is going back into lockdown. Think back to the March/April lockdown time period, and then you'll know what's happening. Honestly, I'm not too worried or sad because I think everyone has a better grip on what to do this time around, but it is sad because we can no longer have any gatherings with people (including church) so that's a little unfortunate. Keep praying for England please!

Wowow let's sit and chat for a second. I'm with this amazingly cute girl named Sister Johnson and I love her. She's from California and this is her last transfer in the mission, so she goes home in December. RIP. She's so great and these last 2 weeks have been wonderful!!

Much love to you all and have a great week!!!!

Photographs below :)

Weekly Letter #54: November 2nd, 2020
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