Monday, August 17, 2020

Weekly Letter #45: August 17, 2020

Hello hello hello!

Hopefully everyone's week is going swell and dandy, and you aren't dying from the heat (if it's been hot where you live). Here are some quick updates from this week!

This week has flown by. Not really sure why but it has! The weather has been really nice lately and it must be cheering people up a bit because we've had a lot of good phone calls with people in our contacts this week or good conversations with people over Facebook! With the virus we obviously can't be outside chatting with people on the street (shocker I know) so we've been calling people that used to meet with the missionaries or at least used to be in contact with them. Most of the time no one answers or they hang up pretty quickly after we tell them who we are (honestly, their loss—my small talk conversational skills are pretty excellent after 5 months of doing this) but this week we've had quite a few good conversations and we were able to make a new friend! Whoot whoot!

We had our first zone conference since March this week and it was INCREDIBLE. We talked about accountability, how to have higher expectations and a more positive mindset when looking for people to teach, and how to be like fountains and dogs (full of life, people want to see us and meet with us), and not drains and cats (don't suck the life out of people and never interact with people). We were also told that the Johnsons will be arriving THIS FRIDAY! It's weird the Turveys are leaving so soon after they got here (3 weeks) but I'm super duper excited to meet and learn from the Johnsons.

We teach this wonderful older woman who is less active and just likes to listen to what we say. For a bit more background on her, she doesn't blink (I kid you not; we once had a 10-minute conversation with her and she blinked 1 time), she has the same schedule everyday, and nothing phases her. We have taught whole lessons in a Southern accent and nothing. Dick Van Dyke English accents and nothing. We were talking to her this week about Nephi in the Book of Mormon, and asked her what her favorite part was. She told us she didn't know, so I asked if her favorite part was the spaceship he builds. She said yes. This woman is a legend.

One thing I've been grateful for this week is knowing that God truly does know us and is watching over us always. I love my Savior so much and am grateful for the changes that I've been able to see happen in myself and in the people that I meet.

Hope all y’all have a great week and adiĆ³s!

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Weekly Letter #45: August 17, 2020
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