Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Stake Devotional: Sunday, 26th of April, 2020

This Sunday evening, our stake that we are currently serving in will hold a "virtual" Stake fireside.

They have testimonies from a member of each ward and the Stake Presidency, along with musical items. The UK page of the Official Church website will be sharing the event, so that will hopefully attract lots of participants!

However this can only happen if we start letting people know about this! I encourage you to copy this link and share it to your own social media accounts. You will not have to be embarrassed or disappointed with the quality of the testimonies!

This may be the easiest way ever to invite a friend or member to a church fireside. On April 26th at 7 pm, the event will stream from the Ashton Stake Presidency Facebook page while also simultaneously on Youtube, so you don't even need a Facebook account to watch!

I will share the direct links to both streams here on Saturday afternoon so you can find them easily! If you know anyone that doesn't use Facebook, please email or message them the YouTube link so everyone has the opportunity to tune into this amazing event!

Finally for those who don't have any internet access, immediately after the stream finishes, a link will be available to download and print the text of each testimony individually to share with those who were unable to view it due to whatever issue they may have had.

This is going to be such an incredible event so we hope everyone will be able to watch this Sunday evening! Feel free to share, or ask any questions you have!

Here's the link for the event page if you'd like to go give that a like and share as well: https://www.facebook.com/events/591610491699515/

Stake Devotional: Sunday, 26th of April, 2020
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