Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Weekly Letter #9: November 26, 2019


This week has been good and boring at the same time. Some great things happened, but I was also really sick and in bed/on the floor under the Christmas tree with a fever for the last half of the week so that's always fun! 

Fun things that happened this week: 

- I was in a trio/threesome for the past week and it has been so much fun! Being with three people is an absolute party all the time and we can get so much done! Sister Smith is from Tahiti (French-speaking) and she is the absolute sweetest person in the world. I've loved having her in our companionship as she has definitely taught me so much! 

- Had my “Five Weeks Meeting” at the mission home with all the new missionaries and their trainers. We received training as well as role-playing how to contact people. We also talked about how we all have agency and how we can use that agency to determine how we react to situations and those around us. It's hard to believe that I've been out in the field for 6 weeks now, let alone being out for 2 months! Time flies when you're working hard and you're having fun! 

- We met with our friend Phil this week. He has been progressing a lot and has really noticed a lot of good changes in his life and has enjoyed learning about the gospel. We felt like we should ask him to be baptized, so we did, and he said yes! Yay! 

- Uh…I'm getting transferred? So in this mission, it is UNHEARD of for people to get transferred while they are still training. However, guess who is getting transferred while I'm still training? Me! I'm getting moved up to Oldham in Manchester, and my new companion is from France (I seem to attract French people)! Woohoo! Anyone who knows me well knows I'm pretty much fluent in French so that talent has definitely been a blessing :) (#IFailedFrench). However, I won't lie, I definitely cried for a little bit because I didn't want to leave my friends here, but c'est la vie (as the French say lol)! 

So yeah, that was my week! Next week I'll be emailing from a whole new area so yay! 

Sister Pursglove 

Fave food: bakewell tart. Oh boy, these are my absolute favourite. 
Fave expression: Pop a squat - means sit down. That's American but everyone here loves it and thinks it's funny so... 

Photographs below :)
Weekly Letter #9: November 26, 2019
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